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About Us

Finding joy in the miracle of Cretan nature

Welcome to Valbel Travel by Sara and Dimitris. 

Sara is Italian; after traveling around the world and working many years at the University of Parma and as scuba diving instructor in the Portofino Marine Park, she changed her life completely to live in Crete. Dimitris, Cretan, loves his island and country and is passionate about Greek music, history, traditions and language.

We are both passionate about the sea and we love the nature. We embarked on a journey to discover the enchanting blend of Cretan nature and culture and share it with our guests and friends. We want to offer to them unique experiences and memories.

Our passion for the rich tapestry of Crete is woven into every aspect of our life.

From the amazing views of the Gulf from the veranda of our holiday home “Magic Aurora” to the sound of the waves and the turquoise color of the sea we enjoy during our boat trips with our wooden traditional motorsailor “Sara”, we invite you to join us on a journey where joy is found in the simple yet profound miracles of nature and culture.

We specialize in curating travel adventures that resonate with the soul.

Come explore the hidden gems of Crete with us, where every moment is a memory of the beauty and magic that this remarkable island has to offer.

One day boat trips, or longer, in the Mirabello Gulf and around the Spinalonga peninsula, in the north of Crete.
accommodation in the Gulf of mirabello

Discover Magic Aurora

Seaview Holiday Home

Almyros Beach, Agios Nikolaos

Seaside Veranda Oasis

Unwind on a spacious veranda that overlooks the mesmerizing view of the Cretan sea in the Gulf of Mirabello and of the Almyros Oasis

Beach Access

Enjoy easy and fast access to the sandy beach of Almyros and a comfortable coastal experience.

Mediterranean Garden

Wander through a Mediterranean garden, filled with aromatic herbs, plants and olive trees.

What can you do with us?

We provide you with experiences and adventures that will stick with you

Jeep in Lentas, view of the Lentas Lion promontory

Earth Adventures

Explore Crete's wild landscape and discover the beauty of the island through thematic tours. Encounter paths and streets overlooking mountains and sea, cross picturesque villages and admire breathtaking views as you immerse yourself in the island's nature.
Sara Traditional Motorsailing Boat - Stop in a bay in the Spinalonga peninsula for swimming

Marine Adventures

Navigate the turquoise waters of the Aegean with unforgettable boat trips. Explore remote bays, swim in the crystal clear waters, and be immersed in the sweet wave whirling as you discover the magic of the sea of Crete.
Horse riding in Crete - Dimitris with a horse

Local Experiences

Immerse in the culture and traditions of Crete with genuine local experiences. From tasting local delicacies to thematic and experiential tours, discover the pulsing heart of the island through the eyes of its inhabitants.
Group of guests after an adventurous experience on Sara Boat

Taylored Trips

Taylor your experience in Crete according to your desires, with customized trips and tours. From cultural tours to adventurous excursions and boat trips, create a unique itinerary that meets your passions and interests as you explore our fascinating island.

Why with us?

Romantic trips

We organize unforgettable romantic boat trips and special events on the sea.

Greek Music

We can provide experiences including live music with greek professional musicians.

Culture and tradition

With us you can get to know the local history, myths, traditions and the Cretan culture.

Travel tips

We are available to give you the best advice to organize your trip. Check also our blog!


What are you looking for?

You have many possibilities to enjoy Crete and find your perfect match.

Sara in a wonderful bay of the Spinalonga Peninsula


Experience the enchanting allure of Crete's coastline, where azure waters meet golden sands. Dive into a world of aquatic wonders, from tranquil bays to hidden caves, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and sailing adventures.
Majestic mountains in Asteroucia
Explore the rugged beauty of Crete's mountainous terrain, where majestic peaks tower above verdant valleys. Hike ancient trails, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and witness panoramic views that stretch to the horizon.
Psiloritis with snow, Crete
Immerse yourself in the serene charm of Crete's countryside, where rolling hillsides are adorned with olive groves and vineyards. Discover quaint villages, indulge in farm-to-table dining experiences, and embrace the laid-back pace of rural life.
Cretan lifestyle
Villages and lifestyle
Discover the authentic charm of Cretan villages, where time seems to stand still amidst narrow cobblestone streets and traditional tavernas. Experience the warm hospitality of locals, and savor the flavors of traditional Cretan cuisine, rich in olive oil, fresh produce, and aromatic herbs.
The village that has been submerged by thedam in Crete
Culture, History and Art
Delve into the captivating heritage of Crete, a land steeped in myth, legend, and ancient wonders. Explore archaeological sites, marvel at Byzantine churches, and admire the traditional arts that celebrate the island's cultural legacy.
Typical and rare Kri-Kri goats in the South of Crete
Embark on a journey through Crete's diverse landscapes, from pristine beaches to lush forests and rugged gorges. Encounter rare flora and fauna, and immerse yourself in the raw beauty of the island's natural surroundings.
Lentas Lion. In Crete each road and landscape is an adventure to live and remember
Seek adrenaline-fueled thrills in Crete's outdoor playground, where opportunities for adventure abound. Satisfy your craving for excitement amidst breathtaking scenery.
Birdwatching in the Gulf of Mirabello. Egret
Unleash your inner ornithologist in Crete's birdwatching paradise, where diverse habitats provide sanctuary to a plethora of avian species. Grab your binoculars and explore wetlands, canyons, forests, and coastal wetlands and marshes teeming with birdlife.
Group of guests after an adventurous experience on Sara Boat
Create lasting memories with a variety of immersive experiences tailored to your interests. Discover the essence of Crete through unique and authentic encounters.

What they say about us?

Here you find some reviews from some of the guests who lived experiences and adventures with us or lived in our seaview holiday home.

Enjoyable and wonderful boat day cruise in August 2023. We were a group of 15 people and had a wonderful day on the boat Sara. Up to and around island Spinalonga. Very well organized, super friendly.

Roland Germany, Group Trip - Sara boat

A beautiful apartment in an amazing location just a few steps from the sea. I fell asleep by the noise of the waves and woke up enchanted by the dawn, a wonderful spectacle that I gave myself from the panoramic terrace with my cup of coffee. And then there are Sara and Dimitri, great hosts and generous of suggestions for trips and activities to do. Ask them to play some Greek songs for you, a frightening experience. I can't wait to come back! Thank you.

Simona Italy, single traveller - Magic Aurora
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+39-347-4776814 (Sara)
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